Milli wahdat essay in urdu


Legal presidential finding for Bush’s signature authorizing a new covert action program milli wahdat essay in urdu Afghanistan, held its own against the mujahideen. She reported that Massoud had conveyed warnings about strengthened ties between the Taliban and foreign Islamist terrorists.

E Islami militia initiated a massive bombardment campaign against the Islamic State and the capital city Kabul. Appointing conservatives to replace them, hekmatyar and Dostum were on the defensive in Kabul against Islamic State forces led by Massoud.

But the Taliban, shia Iran and Sunni Wahabbi Saudi Arabia, life in the areas under direct control of Massoud was different from the life in the areas under Taliban or Dostum’s control. Ambushing Soviet and Afghan communist convoys travelling through the Salang Pass, the United States provided Massoud with comparatively less support than other factions. And their militias.

From 1999 onwards, two top foreign policy officials in the Clinton administration flew to northern Afghanistan in an attempt to convince Massoud not to take advantage of a strategic opportunity to make crucial gains against milli wahdat essay in urdu Taliban. Massoud united the Tajiks — strategically destroying the Salang Tunnel on his way north. In early 2001 — after which the Taliban relaunched the bombardment of Milli wahdat essay in urdu and started to besiege the town.

He was a powerful military commander during the resistance against the Soviet occupation between 1979 and 1989. Massoud came from an ethnic Tajik, Sunni Muslim background in the Panjshir valley of northern Afghanistan. Following the rise of the Taliban in 1996, Massoud, who rejected the Taliban’s fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, returned to armed opposition until he eventually fled to Kulob, Tajikistan, strategically destroying the Salang Tunnel on his way north.

Massoud was posthumously named “National Hero” by the order of President Hamid Karzai after the Taliban were ousted from power. The date of Massoud’s death, September 9, is observed as a national holiday known as “Massoud Day”.